这是你翻译过来的么? 歌曲名字 One more fucking love song l'll be sick

正确的歌词是“少女手中的银币沉入池里”,出自蔡依林演唱的歌曲《许愿池的希腊少女》 歌名:许愿池的希腊少女 演唱:蔡依林 所属专辑:《J-game》 发行时间:2005年4月25日 作词:黄俊郎 作曲:王菀之 歌词: 左岸的一座 白色环形阶梯 浪人正在 ...

Be what you wonna be,就是这个,你听听看。

beautiful (you are) 歌手:imx 专辑:imx You Know theres something bout a sexy song that really turns me on that makes me feel at home and ha melody Ho it songs so sweet as it slowly calls your body next to me Beautiful smooth c...

Save The Last Dance For Me You can dance-every dance with the guy Who gives you the eye, let him hold you tight You can smile-every smile for the man Who held your hand neath the pale light But don't forget who's taking you hom...

是不是backstreet boysd\的。。。我也不清楚。。。

what ya want from me 是adam lambert 唱的 给分哦

Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks 福斯特家族乐队 – 时髦的鞋子 Robert's got a quick hand Robert是个快枪手 He'll look around the room 他环顾房间 He won't tell you his plan 不会透露他的计划 He's got a rolled cigarette hanging ou...

when you are gone或者是 when there was me and you

time machine-ingrid michaelson

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